DP for Biscardi Creative Media recruiting video featuring Hire Dynamics at the Chick Fil A JA Biz Center in Atlanta, Ga.

David Feherty for Bridgestone Golf (Social Media/Conference)

Good Eats 10th Anniversary LIVE show

DP for Southern Scoops sizzle reel produced by Biscardi Creative Media. Featuring chef/entrepreneur Keith Schroeder of High Road Craft .

Clips from 4 one hour unrehearsed/non-scripted specials shot on/off of two catamarans in Caribbean.  Won Caribbean Tourism Award that year.  Shot video, stills, and underwater over a 30 day non-stop trip.

Bridgestone Golf, B330 ball launch in USA and Japan. Couples, Snedeker, Love, Kuchar, Price and Trevino. One of a package.

Ewell Smith, executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board in one of series of testimonials for “Ready 4 Takeoff Coalition”.

One of a series of studio shoots with Mr Herman Cain.

Pet-Zet.com is a “Huffington Post” for pets, or if you like a “Ruffington Post”. Below are several videos shot and edited by me for the website. Most involve puppets. The Loews Hotel segment is a tour for 4-legged visitors to the Atlanta Loews Hotel.

Jimmy Carter for Microsoft’s Bing.com/politics “The Importance of the State of the Union Address”
Jimmy Carter’s Commentary for BING.com/Politics on the Importance of the State of the Union.